3 Lumpy Mail Secrets for More Seminar Registrations

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Developing a compelling marketing campaign is useless if your message doesn’t get read. When using direct mail, a medium that many avoid because of the time and money needed for successful execution, it’s even more important to get your message opened and read. That’s where what some experts call “lumpy mail” comes in.

Lumpy mail is mail that either has a literal lump in it (think of a pen included in your envelope) or that has such unusual packaging that prospects are compelled to open it.

The best lumpy mail campaigns I’ve seen and worked on include 3 powerful ingredients:


  1. Unusual packaging. The goal is to get your package quickly put into the “A” pile of important items that get opened first. Packaging that falls into this category include boxes, tubes, unusual envelopes, personal mail, and priority delivery envelopes.
  2. A lumpy item. Items you can use here run the gamut. You might select a common and useful promotional item such as a mini-flashlight or calculator. You could also choose items that are more entertaining than they are useful, such as a silver platter, worry dolls, or a scratch-off game card.
  3. A letter that ties the package together. This is the piece that makes or breaks the promotion. Not only should your sales message be strong, it should also tie back to the promotional item you sent. For example, when including a silver platter, you could ask prospects if they’ve ever wished someone would deliver the magic solution to their #1 problem on a silver platter – and then tell them to keep reading to see how you’ve finally made that wish come true.

For added power, use the conclusion and/or P.S. of your letter to again tie back to your letter’s unusual theme. For example, you could ask prospects to mention the silver platter when responding to receive a special bonus. Or you could state that as part of your “silver platter service,” your solution delivers an A-to-Z turnkey solution so they get up and running quickly.

Is direct mail more costly than online marketing? Yes. Does it require more lead time? Yes. Can it help you stand out? Absolutely yes – especially when you employ lumpy marketing. Use these tips to maximize the return on your investment.

Bonus gift: Several years ago, I did an interview with one of America’s #1 lumpy mail experts – JonGoldman of Brand Launcher. Click here to get a free transcript of this interview and learn more about his impressive track record and fun case studies.


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Jenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and other experts fill their live and virtual events.
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