5 Tips for Promoting Seminars to Past Participants

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When promoting seminars and other events, your best prospects are attendees from past events. With events, as with other products and services, it’s easier and cheaper to make repeat sales to existing customers than it is to find new customers.

Here are 5 ways you can encourage past participants to sign up for your newest seminars:

  • Offer a seminar series. The closer the connection between the event that participants attended in the past and the event you want them to attend now, the more likely they are to register. For example, if your first seminar taught basics, use the second seminar to do a deeper exploration of more advanced skills.
    Another alternative is present seminars as steps in your unique system. Regardless of how you package the events, show how the content from your new program will build upon the information delivered in previous events.
  • Offer discounts. Reward your past attendees for participating in your program again. Or offer special pricing to past customers to entice them into taking the next seminar. If promoting a series of seminars, you could offer a special package price if they register for all events.
  • Customize your promotions. When you are promoting your new seminar, customize your promotions to past attendees to incorporate a reference to the first or most recent program they attended. This will help to remind them that they have trusted your content before. It will remind them of who you are, which may be necessary for busy prospects who are deluged by information and resources. It also helps customers know that you value them enough to remember their past patronage.
  • Add “touches” to past participants. Because people who have attended past events are more likely to attend future events, they deserve extra attention when marketing your webinars. Plan to contact them more often than the rest of your general mailing list. For example, send them additional emails. If you have the time and money to invest in direct mail, put these prospects at the top of the list for receiving these special promotions. Because they are more likely to attend, marketing to them is more likely to produce the bigger return on investment that is needed to justify the money you spend on more expensive promotional tools.
  • Give them a call. Telemarketing can work well to promote events when positioned as courtesy calls to your favorite customers. Rather than sending an impersonal voice broadcast to all callers, call past participants with a special courtesy reminder about your upcoming event. Let them know that because they attended your past seminar, you want to make sure they knew about the next event, which builds on the skills they’ve already learned. If you can make these calls personally, great. But if you need to use a voice broadcasting service, that’s fine too – try to customize the message as much as possible to let listeners know that the message is geared toward past webinar attendees.

Seminars and other events are a great way to build your list and find new customers. However, don’t overlook the importance and ease of marketing new training programs to past participants. Promoting your new webinars to past attendees will strengthen your relationships and generate more revenue, but with far less effort.


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Jenny Hamby is a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and other experts fill their live and virtual events.
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