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You Can Start Earning Commissions in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Submit Your Affiliate Application

There is no charge to join my Affiliate Program. Just visit my Affiliate Signup Page and follow the easy instructions to submit your application. We’ll review your application as soon as it’s received, contact you with any questions, and then notify you of our decision within 48 hours.

Step #2: Select Your Marketing Materials

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive access to our Affiliates-Only Area, where you’ll find a choice of text and image links that you can add to your site and emails.

When visitors click one of these links, you can earn commission according to the schedule below if they purchase any of my resources anytime within the next year:

  • 35 percent commission: How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops marketing guide and audio program
  • We handle the order form, the payment processing, and affiliate tracking. All you do is place the link and cash the checks!

Note: Affiliate payments are processed on the 7th of every month. Your account must accrue at least $50 before a payment is made.

Step #3: Monitor Your Success

As an affiliate, you can log into our affiliate reporting system and view reports showing how much commission your affiliate link is earning you.

It’s that easy. Ready to get started? Visit our Affiliate Sign Up page now.

Thanks for your help in promoting my products. I look forward to working with you!

Jenny Hamby