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Trying to Market a Seminar Without a List?

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Fr: Jenny Hamby,
Re: The easiest way to boost response rates


Dear Seminar Leader,

As a professional copywriter, I almost hate to admit this …

… but the copy you use to promote your seminars and workshops is practically worthless – at least, when you compare it with the importance of your mailing list.

Getting your message in the hands of highly targeted, highly qualified people who have asked to receive information is hands-down the most important factor to succeeding in the seminar business today.

If you send your promotional materials to people who have zero interest in what you’re teaching, it doesn’t matter how well they’re written or designed. The prospects will not register. Period.

Unfortunately, many seminar leaders find themselves in the tough spot of not having ready access to a good mailing list. As a result, their top-notch events – which literally change the lives of their participants – run well below capacity.

You Can Promote a Seminar Without a List, But…

Now, there are many ways to market your seminar even if you don’t have your own mailing list. But these methods tend to be costly … and generally do not produce good results.

Let’s look at some of the common methods of promoting seminars without a list … and the challenges you face when using them. For example, you could:

  • Purchase a mailing list. You’ve probably run across companies that offer 3 million names on a CD for only $17. Well, as with many things in life … you get what you pay for. These lists are compiled from public sources of information, like phone books and directories.

Compared with response lists (where the people on the list took some sort of action to qualify themselves to be on the list, such as subscribing to a magazine), these cheap-o lists do not perform very well.

Not only will you find that a lot of the data goes out of date quickly … these people have ZERO idea who you are or how you got their contact information. Yes, you might get some responses … but it’s far fewer than what you get when marketing to your own list of people who have asked to receive your information.

Even when you purchase a response-based list of qualified names, the costs add up quickly. It’s not unusual to spend $600 or more on a basic list. Plus, you have to pay a rental fee each time you use the list.

  • Do joint ventures with people who already have lists. Joint ventures are a great way to promote events, because they allow you leverage the relationship that someone else has already built with your target audience. The JV partner is essentially vouching for you.

But here’s the thing: If you are promoting your event … you’ll run into the same challenges you face when promoting to people you know. If the prospects on your JV partners’ lists find that their schedules are booked or they don’t have the money to attend this time, they won’t sign up … and you’ll lose the chance to talk to them again. Having a JV partner promote your event is asking their lists to make a “yes or no” decision. And with events, the answer is usually no.

  • Advertise your seminar in magazines, newspapers or online. Great idea, right? Maybe … maybe not.

Yes, advertising can get you in front of new prospects. But again, you’re asking people to make a “yes or no” decision about investing time and money to attend your event. What are the odds that you’ll hit a prospect who is ready to learn what you’re going to teach, has the money to pay for their seat, AND who is available on the days your seminar is running. (Hint: they’re not good at all.)

  • Use publicity to attract attention. As with advertising, publicity can raise awareness. But if the people seeing or hearing about your seminar aren’t free on those days, aren’t motivated enough to attend a seminar, or don’t have the funds available to invest … they won’t check out your seminar. Opportunity lost.
  • Rely on word-of-mouth. You will find that some of your students, friends and colleagues are more than willing to recommend your upcoming event to their circles of influence. But others will find it’s too pushy. They’ll feel uncomfortable about telling others to spend their time and money on your event. Although they’re happy to recommend you as a teacher, they won’t go so far as to say “attend this event.”

Are you sensing a theme?

Congrats – you’re right! The chances of contacting a prospect at the perfect time – when she has the time, interest, money and availability to attend your seminar – are pretty slim.

That’s why seminar response rates are typically lower than other types of offers. You’re not just asking prospects to spend money on your event. You’re asking them to spend their TIME with you … in a specific location, on a specific date.

And that’s the hardest sell of all.

If you’re using the methods above to promote your event, you’ll probably pick up a registration here or there. But what happens to all of the prospects who are somewhat interested in your event … but just not right now?

I’m talking about the prospects who…

  • Are interested in your content, but … it’s just not their top priority right now.
  • Want to attend, but … don’t have the funds to pay the tuition immediately.
  • Would love to sign up, but … are already booked on the days of your event.

These are definitely people you’d want to follow up with, right? But if you’re relying on the marketing methods above, there’s no way you can follow up with them. You’re trusting that they will take the initiative to stay in touch with your company.

And that’s not going to happen on a large scale.

The good news is … there’s a different – and better – approach you can take

Imagine having a system for attracting prospects to your web site, getting them to raise their hands and say that they’re interested in your content, and then being able to stay in touch with them indefinitely.

Imagine that every single time you promote an event, you’d be able to go to your own list of prospects who have asked for your information. Think your response rates would increase? You bet!

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Well, the good news is that by making a few simple tweaks to your marketing process, you can:

  • Build your own opt-in email list
  • Increase the return-on-investment you get when placing advertising or renting mailing lists
  • Get more butts in seats!

An Introduction to Two-Step Marketing … and 7 Ways You’ll Benefit

The secret is “two-step” marketing.

With this approach, you don’t promote your event first  … because it’s hard to get a complete stranger to say “yes” to attending your event. It’s like proposing marriage within seconds of meeting someone.

Instead, you offer a free or very-low cost resource first – something that is easy to say “yes” to. Once someone signs up to receive your resource, then you promote your seminar.

Here’s why this approach works so well:

  1. Get more names. Offering a free resource makes it easy to get what my mentor, marketing guru Alex Mandossian, calls the “shy yes.” It’s the marketing equivalent of asking someone to join you for a cup of coffee. In exchange for an email address and perhaps a first name, you give prospects valuable information.
  2. Prove your value. Two-step marketing puts your high-quality content in the hands of prospective buyers. They get a chance to see for themselves how good your content is before they invest time and money in a seminar.
  3. Unlimited follow up. Once someone adds their name to your database, you can market to them indefinitely … for free. So if they can’t attend your seminar this month, you can follow up with them again each time you offer your event.
  4. Boost response rates. Your highest response rates will come from people on your own list.  Why? Because they’re more interested than the general public (after all, they asked for your information). And they know, like and trust you.
  5. Earn affiliate commissions. Having your own list means that you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of opportunities to participate in affiliate campaigns. When you see a product, service or event that will benefit your subscribers, you can recommend it … and earn a commission when they buy.
  6. Become a sought-after JV partner. The bigger, more responsive and more targeted your list is, the more desirable you’ll be to potential JV partners. Well-known experts are bombarded with requests to participate in campaigns. But if you can show that you have a list that responds to offers, you’ll stand out and be seen as someone who is worth talking to.
  7. Save time. I’m sure you’ve heard that prospects typically need to be contacted at least 7 times before buying. The best two-step marketing campaigns operate on autopilot. So technically, you are doing this critical follow-up … but you personally aren’t doing the work.

Makes sense, right?

This may not be such a revolutionary concept for you. After all, lots of information marketers and experts use two-step marketing. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve said “yes” to at least one such offer.

In fact, it’s very likely that two-step marketing is how you ended up on my mailing list.

But even though you’re familiar with the concept, you aren’t using the technique yourself for a variety of reasons.

Which of These Issues Is Stopping You?

When I talk to speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and other experts who should be using two-step marketing – but aren’t – here’s what I usually hear:

  • “I don’t know what I could offer that would be interesting or valuable.”
  • “I’m not sure that two-step marketing will work with my business.”
  • “I had no idea that I could use two-step marketing instead of promoting my event.”
  • “I understand the ‘big picture’ of how it works … but I don’t know how to actually DO it.”
  • “I know how to create the free content, of course … but I’m lost when it comes to marketing.”
  • “I just haven’t had time to make it happen.”

If one or more of those issues has been blocking you, then I invite you to join me for my brand-new online workshop, Two-Step Marketing for Seminars: List-Building Strategies to Attract Qualified Prospects, Boost ROI and Reduce Risk When Promoting Events.

What You’ll Learn

During this 4-module teleseminar training program, I’ll walk you step by step through the process of creating your own two-step marketing campaign. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Creating the Bait

The first step in our system is creating the free resource you’ll offer in exchange for a prospect’s basic contact information. Discover:

  • How to identify who your best prospect is
  • The 2 most important things you must learn about your prospects
  • 3 proven types of content to create (these are practically irresistible to prospects)
  • 9 common formats for delivering your content … and which will work best for you
  • How to structure your free information for maximum impact and value

Module 2: Preparing Your “Net”

Great – now you have a resource to offer! But before you can start telling the world about this great giveaway, you need a way to capture your leads. Discover:

  • The 2 key web pages you need for a successful lead-generation campaign
  • Key elements you need to “sell” prospects on opting in to your list
  • 9 types of ethical bribes you can use to get prospective attendees to join your mailing lists
  • 4 reasons to consider requiring prospects to spend money before they join your mailing list … and how much to charge
  • How to capture, store and segment your prospects’ contact information
  • The right way to manage your email database … and what many people do instead
  • Direct mail addresses or email addresses … and which is more important to effectively promote your seminars and workshops
  • How to link your web pages with your database
  • 4 low-tech ways of capturing leads … and what you must do differently to get them in your database

Module 3: Finding the Fish

Congratulations … because now you’re ready to start fishing for prospects. Discover:

  • The 16 best ways to market your mailing list (Many promoters post a “Join My Mailing List” form on their website and then complain when their lists don’t grow. If you want to grow your list quickly and dramatically, you must proactively promote it to prospective customers.)
  • The 3 most important elements to include in your promotional message
  • Headline formulas you can use to grab attention
  • How to adjust your marketing message based on the promotional tool you’re using
  • The right way to describe your content so whet your prospects’ curiosity

Module 4: Keeping ‘Em Hooked

Getting prospects to opt-in to your list is only part of the battle. To win, you need to follow up. Discover:

  • The 2 biggest reasons that it’s essential for you to follow up with prospects … and what to expect if you don’t
  • The 3 key types of follow-up messages you should be using (if you’re missing one of these, I can practically guarantee that you’re leaving money on the table)
  • How to use your follow-up sequence to get even more information from your prospects
  • When to start promoting your seminars to your most recent subscribers – surprisingly, you may want to wait a few weeks (even months) before you mention an upcoming event

Put Your List-Building Activities on Autopilot

Now right about now, you might be saying, “Jenny, I already have a list – I collect business cards at networking events and speaking engagements, then I add those people to my email list.”

If that is truly what’s running through your head right now, pay close attention. Because there are three big problems with this approach to list-building.

Problem #1: You have to manually enter all of the contact information into your email management program. Does that happen quickly and regularly? C’mon, be honest. Chances are good that this is a huge bottleneck in your process. And with all the things you have to do to promote your events, my guess is that getting contact information into your database ends up falling through the cracks. By the time you get around to it, prospects have forgotten who you are.

Problem #2: If you email these prospects, you’re doing it from your personal computer.
At best, you’re emailing it yourself with a huge BCC: list … and worst case, you’re merely CC:ing everyone, so that all of the email addresses on your distribution list are visible.

Either way, you look wildly unprofessional and share your prospects’ contact information without their permission.

Problem #3: This is essentially spamming your prospects. If you want to send a personal message to someone you just met, that’s fine. But when you cross the line into adding them to an email distribution list – whether it’s for your newsletter or seminar promotions – you become a spammer.

What you need to do instead is let prospects decide whether they want to receive your communications. In other words … require prospects take action to opt-in to the list.

That’s the method you’ll learn during Two-Step Marketing for Seminars.

Is Two-Step Marketing for Seminars Right for Me?

Two-Step Marketing for Seminars is right for speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, authors, and other experts who are marketing their own events and information products. You’ll also get a lot of value from this program if you are a marketer who is new to this marketing technique.

Register today if you:

  • Want to find and establish relationships with qualified prospects who are looking for your information and expertise
  • Are planning to buy a mailing list for unlimited usage or rent an opt-in email list
  • Have a small – or non-existent – opt-in list
  • Are still working at a “regular” job and are planning to launch your seminar business within the next two years (start building your list now … and you’ll be leap years ahead when it’s time to make the transition to your new business)
  • Are debating whether you really want to host your seminars and workshops. I talk to a lot of speakers who believe they have a message, but are wondering whether they’ll really be able to make the business work. Most often, the problem is simply that they don’t have a list of qualified prospects to.
  • Are unhappy with the results that you’ve been achieving with your seminars and think you can do better.


What You’ll Receive

Your registration includes:

  • Access to the mp3 recordings of four tele-training modules, each about 90 minutes long.
  • Access to the mp3 recordings of 4 Q&A sessions. (Note: You are getting access to the recordings of a program that was pre-recorded with a small, private group of clients, not live Q&A sessions.
  • Detailed action guides for each module to capture your notes and keep you engaged.

You’ll also receive:

  • Worksheets and checklists to support your progress through this program (a $400 minimum value)
  • A template set for the key elements that you need to create  (a $2,500 minimum value)
  • Headline cheat sheet (a $100 minimum value)
  • Bullet point samples (a $100 minimum value)

You’ll Invest Less than $1 a Day

Before we talk about tuition, let’s talk about the real value of this training.

Implementing two-step marketing in your business will allow you to:

  • Generate a better return on investment on your lead-generation campaigns (remember, when you’re marketing to the public, it’s a lot easier to get them to say “yes” to an offer of free information than to commit to attending a seminar)
  • Produce higher response rates for your seminars, virtual events, products and services (yep, the principles you’ll learn work to generate leads for anything you offer) – the most responsive prospects are those who are on your mailing list.
  • Convert more prospects to customers. You’ll discover easy ways to stay in front of the prospects on your list … so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re there.

Now, I don’t know what you’re charging for your seminars. But I think it’s safe to say that learning and implementing a two-step marketing system could easily add tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars to your bottom line over the lifetime of your business. Especially because the principles you’ll learn can be used for every type of seminar, product or service you offer for the rest of your career.

There’s a second way to understand the value of the system you’ll learn during Two-Step Marketing for Seminars. And that’s by looking at what it would take for you to hire someone to do this work for you.

Is it worth is to hire a professional writer or marketing consultant? Absolutely. A key principle of success is focusing on your core genius and outsourcing the rest. In fact, if they had their way … most of the speakers and trainers I talk to would be speechless with joy if they could find someone to handle all of their marketing. They’d love to focus only on speaking and training.

But let’s face it. There are lots of expenses when it comes to building a seminar business. And if you can learn how to do some of this yourself, it will save some money.

Hiring a professional copywriter to craft all of these materials – the giveaway, the landing page and other web components, the promotional emails and other marketing messages — for a SINGLE campaign could easily cost you $2,500.

So … learn the principles of two-step marketing and get your initial campaigns set up yourself. You can always outsource additional campaigns or hire a pro to improve what you do yourself once you get more cash coming in the door.

Plus, once you’ve been through Two-Step Marketing for Seminars, you’ll be better equipped to guide your vendors and gauge the quality of work they deliver.

Given what you’ll save in marketing fees and what you stand to gain in terms of response rates and revenue … it’s safe to say that Two-Step Marketing for Seminars is worth at least $2,500.

But I want to make this affordable and fair to us both. So I’m lowering the tuition to a modest $247.

That’s less than you’d pay to have a one-hour private consultation with me. And if you’re like most experts, you’ll be able to recoup your entire investment with only a handful of extra seminar registrations.

And to make it even more affordable, I’m offering an installment plan – two payments of $139.


Plus, your investment is backed by my total satisfaction guarantee.

30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee


Listen to all 4 tele-training modules. Listen to the Q&As. Implement the strategies. If you don’t agree that Two-Step Marketing for Seminars has been worth the modest investment of $247 and that the information I share will help you reach highly qualified prospects who want your information and expertise, just call or email me within 30 days for a complete refund of your investment. All I ask is that you provide proof that you’ve tried to implement at least 5 strategies … and that you offer good, constructive feedback about how you feel the course needs to be improved. That’s fair, don’t you agree?

Start Build Your Own List of Qualified Prospects Today

Can you do two-step marketing without this course? Absolutely. It’s not rocket science.

But if you want to shorten your learning curve…

If you want someone to hand you templates you can use to speed up your implementation…

If you want to be able to ask an experienced marketing pro your questions
without paying hundreds of dollars in consultation fees…

Two-Step Marketing for Seminars is for you. Reserve your place now.

You’ll discover a proven step-by-step system for building your own opt-in list and developing relationships with qualified prospects. Plus, you’ll get the guidance, tools and templates you need to speed your learning and implementation.

Reserve your place now for Two-Step Marketing for Seminars.


To Your Success,


Jenny Hamby


Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Take the next 30 days to go through the course and try the material for yourself.

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I understand that I’ll receive:

  • Instant access to four tele-training modules. Each session last about 90 minutes.
  • Instant access to 4 Q&A sessions.
  • Action guides for each module.

I’ll also receive:

  • Worksheets and checklists to support my progress through this program (a $400 minimum value)
  • A template set (report, 7 tip series, A/R to go to course, A/R bonus model, landing page, thank you page) (a $2,500 minimum value)
  • Headline cheat sheet (a $100 minimum value)
  • Bullet point samples (a $100 minimum value)
  • A free seat for the guest of my choice (a $247 value)

Finally, I understand that my participation is backed by Jenny’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee. I agree to listen to all 4 teleseminar training modules, listen to all 4 Q&A modules, and implement at least 5 strategies. If I don’t agree that Two-Step Marketing for Seminars has been worth the modest investment of $247, I’ll contact Jenny within 30 days for a complete refund with proof that I tried the program and constructive feedback for improving the course.