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FR: Jenny Hamby

RE: Filling More Seminar Seats

Dear Seminar Promoter,

Imagine standing on stage in a crowded hotel ballroom … looking out over a sea of excited faces. Your seminar is finally here … which means you can finally meet the many students whose names have been flooding into your office over the past few months. You’ve waited so long to see them and meet them …

… and they are just as eager to meet you! They’ve flocked to this room from all across the country — and from far corners of the world – because how you described your seminar resonated with them. They felt like you were speaking directly to them … and they instantly recognized that you were the teacher they’ve been waiting for.

Registrations literally poured in. And rather than worrying about whether you’d sell enough seats to cover your costs … your new challenge became convincing the hotel to give you an even bigger meeting space to accommodate all of your attendees.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Unfortunately, if you’re like most seminar leaders who find their way to this page … this vision is not matching your reality.

Instead of knowing without a doubt that your marketing message is resonating with your target audience … you’ve been wracking your brain for the magic words that will help prospects understand the true value you’re delivering.

Instead of knowing precisely how to reach your prospectsyou’re overwhelmed by all of the different ways you could promote your event and completely stuck by “paralysis by analysis.”

Instead of putting your full attention on last-minute event planning and presentation details … you’re wasting time and energy fretting about whether you’re going to lose money on your seminar.

You’re losing sleep at night.

You’re popping antacids like they’re candy.

And you may even have reached the lonely place of wondering whether you really are capable of hosting a profitable seminar.

That’s why I’m so glad you made it to this page…

Hi, I’m Jenny Hamby, a Certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who helps speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches and other experts promote their own seminars and workshops, teleseminars and webinars.

Since 1998, I’ve been promoting in-person and virtual events in a dozens of industries … including social media law, personal development, inventory management, negotiations, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), trade show marketing, financial services, elder and disability law, behavior-based safety, Enterprise Resource Management, and Internet marketing. I’ve even helped to promote a seminar about how to play bridge (the card game)!

You probably recognize some of the names on my roster of past and current clients … like include top speakers and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founders Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Internet marketer and MarketingOnline.com founder Alex Mandossian, T. Harv Eker‘s training company Peak Potentials, accelerated learning expert Bobbi DePorter, Guerrilla Marketing Coach Founder Mitch Meyerson, and leading NLP experts Tim and Kris Hallbom. I also work with plenty of up and coming stars, like:

  • Speakers who have been on-stage for decades and are finally ready to do their own events
  • Trainers who are tired of being road warriors and want their students to come to them
  • Consultants who have made a very profitable living as guns for hire, and now want to share their knowledge with a bigger audience
  • Coaches who want to impact the world in a bigger way by helping dozens and even hundreds at a time…
  • And experts who want to create more streams of income by creating profitable events and information products…

After more than 14 years in the seminar-marketing trenches … I’m here to tell you that yes, promoting and producing your own seminars and workshops can be difficult. (And in a minute, I’ll tell you why…)

But if you know what to do – and perhaps even more importantly, if you know which gigantic mistakes to avoid – seminars can be:

  • a rewarding way to take your message into the world
  • a more efficient path to help more people at one time
  • a great strategy for generating extra revenue

Now I’m going to help you crack the code on what it takes to talk to your audience and make your event successful by sharing the most powerful secrets, lessons and strategies I’ve learned.

And the first thing I want to help you with is …

… understanding what’s REALLY going on in your prospects’ minds!

The Real Reason You Haven’t Been Filling Your Event Seats

When we’re focused on trying to fill events, it’s easy … and natural … to fall into a trap. It’s the trap of viewing the purchase from the seller’s point of view!

You’re asking prospective attendees to spend X number of dollars to attend a seminar that lasts X days. And when they don’t register, it can be hard to understand why. After all, your tuition is incredibly reasonable considering how much time and information you’re giving them … right?

But what’s happening in your prospects’ minds is far more complicated.

For your prospects, the cost of attending isn’t just tuition.

It’s also airfare, parking for their car while they’re gone, a cab to your host hotel, multiple nights in a hotel room, meals (and let’s face it, they’ll be expensive if you’re at a nice hotel), and maybe even extra childcare for their kids.

When everything’s tallied up … it’s common to spend an extra $1,000 to $1,500 on top of the tuition.

The time equation is more complicated, too. Because the commitment you’re asking prospects to make goes far beyond the days that they’ll be in the seminar room with you.

They’ll also lose a day traveling to your event and another one traveling home.

The day before they leave will be a scramble of packing, delegating and running errands.

And the first day they’re home will be a flurry of activity too, as they get caught up with everything they missed.

Do the math … and you’ll see that a three-day seminar really means a 7-day commitment!

Then there’s what I call the “hassle factor” …

Let’s be honest. Seminars are a ton of fun … but attending one can be a pain in the keister.

Making travel arrangements, finding someone to take care of your kids, delegating your work to assistants or co-workers, packing … and let’s not even talk about the horrors of airport security lines and TSA inspections.

And if your prospects are largely self-employed, they’ll also be calculating the price that their business will pay. What opportunities might they miss because they’ll be in your seminar room rather than meeting with potential clients?

These items may be seem obvious. They may even seem insignificant in light of the powerful information you’ll be sharing and the results it can help attendees achieve.

But when your prospects are on the fence and trying to decide whether to make the commitment to attend your seminar, THIS is what’s really running through their minds…

“Will I really recoup the TIME + MONEY + ENERGY I’m committing?”

To get prospects off the fence of indecision – and onto your attendee roster – you must put the right message in front of the right prospects at the right time.

That’s where I can help…

Let Me Walk You Step-by-Step Through the Process of Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Now … you could hire me to work on your campaign, helping you to develop your seminar marketing plan and create your marketing materials.

But I’ll be perfectly honest: Many seminar leaders find this isn’t feasible for two reasons – budget and time.

But even though my clients gladly pay me $300 an hour for coaching and $3,000+ to write their event marketing materials … these fees may not be workable with your current budget, especially if you’re first starting out.

And with my calendar booked weeks in advance, I may not be able to get to your campaign in the timeframe you’re working with … especially if you’ve waited until the last minute to start marketing.

That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System, a home-study course that walks you step-by-step through the process of planning your seminar marketing campaign … and creating the powerful copy that convinces your prospects that your event is right for them.

You receive two manuals – one for creating your marketing campaign and the second for writing your event copy – plus dozens of real-life marketing samples and 60 pages of convenient checklists, worksheets and planning templates to help you develop your seminar marketing plan.

The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System delivers the same time-proven strategies and sage advice that I share with my clients – information that will make it easier and less stressful to promote your events … plus help you avoid the dangerous mistakes that keep many seminar leaders struggling.

tom antion headshotweb“Jenny’s course ‘How to Market Seminars and Workshops’ is the most comprehensive seminar marketing course I’ve ever seen in my 26 years in the speaking and entertaining industry. It’s actually far more than I expected in that it includes several related courses that by themselves are worth more than the cost of the program. She includes a complete copywriting course as it applies to seminars. She includes a complete results tracking course. Plus she includes forms and checklists that would take you years (and many failed attempts) to generate. I don’t know Jenny personally and to be honest when I bought this course I wasn’t really expecting much….boy was I surprised. She calls it a ‘basic’ course, but it’s a virtual PHD in seminar marketing. I can’t wait to see her ‘advanced’ course.”

Tom Antion
Past President of the National Capital Area Speakers Association

Which of These Key Event Marketing Mistakes Are You Making?

There are dozens of mistakes that will kill a seminar marketing campaign. But some of the biggest doozies I’ve seen are:

Mistake #1: Waiting too long before launching your campaign.

I get it – you’re a busy professional and you have other things to do besides marketing your seminar. It’s easy for time to slip away from you … until suddenly you wake up and realize that your seminar is only a month away.

Listen, last-minute marketing may work for virtual events. And sometimes you can pull it off with an in-person event.

But in 99 percent of cases … if you want to see someone in your seminar room, you need to start earlier.

Much earlier.

Otherwise, you run a huge risk that your prospects will have already made other plans. They’ll be interested in your seminar. But because they’re already booked … they’ll take a pass and wait “until next time.”

Mistake #2: Not sending out enough promotions.

When you’re the one sending the promotions, it’s easy to feel like you’re doing more than enough to promote your event. You don’t want to annoy your list by sending too many promotions, right?

Plus, if you’re working under the constraints of a limited budget, you may not be able to do more than send emails and a postcard mailing or two.

So you dutifully send your messages … or you’ll send a handful of emails. And then, when prospects don’t respond in droves, you assume it’s because they aren’t interested.

But here’s the thing…

Your prospects are drowning in marketing messages, especially if they live in urban areas where it often seems like advertising covers every available surface.

Which means that half the time, they aren’t even aware that you’re offering an event!

To break through this clutter … you have to become part of the clutter! (Ironic, yes?) That means sending marketing messages frequently and steadily, right up until your seminar starts.

Mistake #3: Having dull marketing copy that doesn’t adequately describe your event … or seduce prospects into registering.

If your prospects aren’t registering for your seminars, it’s because:

  • They don’t understand what you’re offering – what they’re going to learn, what they’re going to get, how they’ll benefit, and even whether the seminar is right for them.
  • They don’t trust you … because your promises are too unbelievable, your bio doesn’t adequately explain why you’re a qualified instructor, and your testimonials aren’t strong enough.
  • They don’t understand the true value your seminar offers … so they’re unwilling to commit their time, money and energy to attend.

The right marketing copy can overcome all of these obstacles.

“I felt that our company had done a competent job of marketing our seminars, but I didn’t know how much better we could be doing until we started working with Jenny. … She really helped us connect with our audience. With her help, we reached our seminar marketing goals and our backend sales goals.”

~ Cheryl O’Donoghue, FTR

In The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System, you’ll discover:

  • When to start promoting your specific event (the marketing timeframe varies based on the type of event you’re holding … who you’re targeting … and the resources you have available)
  • Which types of tools to use (relying on just one or two tools, like email and a website, is risky. I’ll explain why … and show you the 33 most popular tools that today’s successful promoters use).
  • How to craft the marketing messages that resonate with your audience. When you consider all of the factors that influence your marketing results, it’s easy to think that marketing copy plays only a small role. In reality, it can make a tremendous difference in your results. I’ve had clients double and even triple their registrations simply by having me rewrite their marketing materials.
  • And much more. See for yourself…

The 101 Most Powerful Lessons You’ll Discover…

In the first manual you receive, How to Market Seminars and Workshops: A Practical Guide for Creating Effective Seminar Marketing Plans, I’ll walk you through the steps I take when helping clients create their marketing campaigns. You’ll discover:


  • 13 key reasons people attend seminars (hint: most of these are unique to seminars – you simply can’t get them at a virtual training) (page 12)
  • 3 critical pieces of information to track so you can pinpoint the effectiveness of each marketing tool … and develop the historical data you need to predict the success of future events (page 165)
  • How to leverage bundling strategies to increase registrations … and revenue (page 57)
  • Methods to identify the right topic for your first seminar if you’re undecided (page 44)
  • 5 key areas to research before you start marketing your seminar to help ensure that your promotions get in front of qualified prospects (page 15)
  • Tips for guaranteeing that your seminar delivers exactly what your prospects want … and your copy describes these benefits perfectly (page 24)
  • 5 top sources to use when getting to know your prospects’ desires, needs and motivations … especially when you’re targeting a brand-new audience (page 26)
  • 7 places to dig up information about your competitors … so you can use these juicy insights to position your seminar as the clear (and better!) alternative (page 30)
  • Special considerations to keep in mind if you’re planning your first event so that you can minimize your risk and boost your chances of success (page 13)
  • 10 critical pieces of marketing information to gather about every seminar you’ve held to help you fine-tune your marketing system for future events (page 32)
  • 6 powerful reasons to begin building a seminar marketing system … even if you’re the only person promoting your events (page 141)
  • An easy way to understand the difference between features and benefits … and how to describe them to your audience (page 38)
  • How a Unique Selling Proposition can help to attract prospects … and 2 easy formulas for developing your seminar’s USP (page 40)
  • A 4-step process to zero in on the prospects you’ll market to when first launching your seminar business (page 16)
  • The truth about seminar response rates and when registrations will arrive (hint: some promoters call this the “Heart Attack Registration Curve”) (page 158)
  • The 3 most important factors to consider when setting your registration fee to maximize your revenue and attract the right prospects (page 50)
  • 4 critical strategies if you want to thrive in today’s tough seminar industry … where prospects have less time and money to invest in training, yet more choices than ever before. (page 8)
  • 6 types of discounts to offer … and when to use them (each discount is appropriate for a different type of prospects, and if you’re not careful, discounting can backfire) (page 56)
  • 7 types of information to gather when building a profile of your ideal attendee … so you can ensure that you’re investing your marketing dollars where they matter the most (page 20)
  • Tips for finding and renting mailing lists … and what type of offer to make so you maximize your return on investment (page 124)
  • Industry best practices about when to hold your seminars … and 4 strategies you can use to optimize the timing of your events (page 63)
  • 7 proven ways to test your prospects’ interest in your seminar … before you book a meeting room and launch a full-scale marketing campaign (page 46)
  • How to pick the right style of web page or web site to use when promoting a seminar (page 71)
  • Why client interviews are one of the best ways to develop vivid and powerful event copy … and the top 6 questions I ask during these interviews to uncover the exact language to use when describing the seminar (page 27)
  • The top 3 reasons you want to be picky about who receives your seminar promotions and why marketing to the general public doesn’t produce the best results (page 19)
  • 3 schedules to use when leveraging emails to reach prospects (yes, despite what some experts are predicting, email is still a viable and profitable event marketing tool) (page 87)
  • 3 proven ways to incorporate video into your marketing mix … and the easiest place to start if you’re a video newbie (page 89)
  • Where social media fits into the event marketing mix … and 4 ways to leverage your networks (page 91)
  • The 3 most important variables to focus on when trying to boost response rates (page 157)
  • 3 types of blogs to incorporate when marketing a seminar … and the best one to use if you want to engage prospects at maximum levels (page 93)
  • 3 strategies for getting professionals and companies that already have relationships with your target audience to help fill your event seats (page 102)
  • Why response rates alone aren’t enough to determine the best tools to use when promoting your seminars (page 106)
  • When to offer a satisfaction guarantee … and the 8 most popular guarantees to choose from (page 60)
  • 28 ways you can promote your seminar … even if you don’t have an email list of your own (page 34)
  • 2 ways to incorporate telemarketing into your seminar promotions even if you hate cold calling (follow these ideas … and prospects will welcome your calls) (page 115)
  • 10 suggestions for picking the right destination city for your seminars (pick the wrong place and not only will you hurt registrations … your expenses will go through the roof) (page 66)
  • The must-have elements you need to effectively track the success of your seminar promotions (page 162)
  • 33 popular marketing tools to leverage when promoting your seminars … and why a multi-channel approach is the hands-down safest bet (page 73)
  • 5 ways to slice and dice your database to ensure that you’re spending the most time and money marketing your seminars to the very best prospects (page 123)
  • An important warning to keep in mind if you want to promote multiple sessions of the same seminar (giving prospects a choice should boost your registration numbers … but if you forget about this common trend, you’ll end up disappointed) (page 69)
  • How to determine whether you should promote only your seminar … or if you should make additional offers in a case prospects aren’t ready to sign up for your event yet (page 133)
  • The 4 most common things that are included in seminar tuition … and 19 bonuses to add so you can increase the perceived value of your event (page 52)
  • Why a written cancellation policy is a “must have” in today’s seminar industry … and the type of parameters to put in place to protect you while being fair to your attendees (page 62)
  • The 3 types of audiences to consider when building your marketing calendar … and which group to spend the most time with (page 119)
  • The 16 most common resources that seminar promoters need … and my favorite providers (page 143)
  • 4 places to put an opt-in box on your event web page … and how this simple action will help you convert more web visitors to legitimate seminar prospects (page 78)
  • 14 major costs to consider when building your seminar marketing budget … and ballpark figures you can use for your first budget (page 146)
  • The right way to calculate the point at which your event should be a “go” financially (calculate this incorrectly and you may be tempted to cancel events unnecessarily) (page 154)
  • 4 factors to consider when deciding when to start promoting your event … and industry standards for the various types of events (page 133)
  • The most popular type of direct mail to use when promoting seminars … but why you can’t rely on it to fill event seats (page 109)
  • 14 low-cost or free ways to promote your seminars if you’re working with a shoestring budget (page 159)
  • 6 questions to ask when comparing yourself with other seminar leaders … so you can stand out in a crowded marketplace without bashing the competition (page 37)
  • 5 types of ads you can use to promote seminars … and 5 strategies for slashing your advertising bill (page 112)
  • 4 ways to organize your marketing calendar … and what to include to ensure that you stay on track (page 136)
  • 12 elements to test when trying to improve seminar response rates and profitability (page 169)

“Where were you forty years ago when I first started getting involved with seminars, workshops, bootcamps and all the other forms of group communications? You would have saved me the cost and worry of a whole load of hard lessons. In my opinion, “How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops” should be made COMPULSORY READING for EVERYONE who is even just thinking of putting on a seminar or a workshop. … Your Guide shows how to get it right and succeed and make money EVERY TIME. You set the whole process out so simply, and in such detail, that it is easy for anyone to follow and get it right first time – and your checklists are superb!

“How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops should be in the hands of every independent service professional, small business owner and entrepreneur who wants to build their business using this powerful method. (Actually, a lot of the big companies could learn a few things too.)”

~ John Williamson – The Wealth Coach ™

Discover How to Write Effective Seminar Marketing Materials

In the second instructional manual you’ll receive, you’ll discover powerful copywriting strategies, tactics and tips to fill your seminar seats.


Most people automatically think that “copy” means the printed words on the page or screen. But the truth is that you use copy in all forms of promotion … including audio recordings, videos and even phone calls.

In the first half of this manual, I’ll show you how to write 33 different chunks of copy.

Bonus Tip: Sitting down to write a sales letter, brochure, postcard, etc., from the top is a practically guaranteed way to bring on a case of writer’s block. That’s why I write chunks of copy first. It’s much easier to weave them together later into the various types of seminar promotions.

You’ll discover:

  • What to do if you’re worried that a satisfaction guarantee will result in a huge number of refund requests (page 97)
  • The reality check to take before you write a single word of copy (this explains why prospects aren’t nearly as eager to sign up for your events as you think they should be) (page 4)
  • 5 proven psychological principles you can use to spur prospects into action (big corporations have used these approaches for decades to drive sales … and I’ll show you how to apply them to your seminar promotions) (page 40)
  • 3 questions to answer in your headline if you want to attract more qualified prospects (page 69)
  • The figment of your imagination that will help you write better copy, more quickly (page 17)
  • The 5 questions to ask past attendees to get invaluable feedback about your event (page 25)
  • The surprising order in which I recommend writing seminar promotions (hint: the headline is NOT the place to start) (page 51)
  • 12 keys to writing compelling and conversational marketing copy so you can grab prospects’ attention … and convince them to register (page 33)
  • The bonus copy to include if you want to make a last-ditch attempt to recapture the attention of prospects who are ready to leave your site or toss your promotions in the trash (page 116)
  • 5 places to list your cancellation policy … and things to consider when creating your policy (page 82)
  • 6 different techniques for blasting through writer’s block and resistance (as a bonus, you’ll produce better copy, too!) (page 49)
  • 4 bonus chunks of copy that can help position your seminar as a must-have investment (page 120)
  • 3 powerful reasons why you DON’T want to present a list of topics when describing your seminar’s content (page 52)
  • The exact step-by-step process I use to secure research interviews with members of the target audience (and as a bonus, how to use these interviews to secure even more testimonials for your event) (page 23)
  • Tips for getting powerful testimonials – including ways to avoid the too-generic “This seminar was great!” type of reviews (page 101)
  • 6 ways to present your seminar’s price without causing sticker shock (page 92)
  • 3 easy methods for honing in on the seminar benefits that will appeal to your prospects … and 7 key places to use these powerful pieces of promotional copy (page 62)
  • A nifty technique for helping attendees gauge how much time you’ll be devoting to each subject on your agenda … and remove legitimate obstacles that may keep busy professionals from registering for your seminar (page 117)
  • Tips for writing high-impact event titles that will attract your ideal prospects’ attention … and instantly communicate how they’ll benefit by attending (page 66)
  • 2 classy tactics to demonstrate that your seminar is the perfect fit for your more skeptical prospects (page 122)
  • 3 vital components of a powerful headline block (tip: many promoters use only 1 of these pieces … and their copy is much weaker as a result) (page 70)
  • 6 ways to describe your target audience … and the biggest mistake most seminar promoters make when crafting this section of their copy (page 60)
  • How much space to devote to describing the lessons you’ll be sharing during your seminar – skimping on this section is one of the biggest mistakes you can make (and I’ll tell you why) (page 53)
  • 19 types of information to include in your instructor’s bio … and the blunt question to ask yourself when you’re done writing to ensure that all the information will actually help you fill seats (page 75)
  • The best types of call to action to use when promoting seminars … and where to incorporate them (tip: many seminar promoters fail to use enough calls to action … making this one of the easiest strategies to implement) (page 105)
  • The hands-down dumbest mistake you can make that will absolutely kill your registrations (the good news is … it’s really easy to fix) (page 80)
  • Is someone else teaching the class you’re promoting? Discover 9 questions to ask the instructor so you can get the details you need to write powerful seminar promotions (page 27)
  • Want prospects to instantly grasp why they need your training? Don’t miss this key section (don’t worry – it takes only a few minutes to write) (page 72)
  • Proven tips for selling the boss and other decision makers – they usually have a different set of concerns, so you’ll need to address their unique questions and needs too (page 94)
  • Critical mistakes to avoid when telling prospects when and where your event will be (simple tweaks here could easily generate hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in additional registrations) (page 78)
  • 3 key strategies for getting the most leverage out of your testimonials (page 102)
  • 3 important guidelines for helping you pick which type of satisfaction guarantee is right for your event (page 98)
  • The biggest mistake seminar promoters make when it comes to asking for the sale … and the easiest formula I know to close your sales letter (page 107)
  • 6 ways to pick the brains of prospective attendees when you don’t have your own mailing list of customers to contact (page 26)
  • The alternative that helps you reach more people who otherwise can’t – or won’t – attend your seminar … without detracting from your current promotional efforts (page 122)
  • 3 ways to present everything that’s included in your registration fee (tip: to make your seminar irresistible, provide at least 2-3 times more value than you’re charging) (page 88)
  • The #1 element that’s missing from most seminar registration pages … and why adding this copy can capture more registrations by persuading visitors to read your copy in more detail (page 108)
  • 5 fun places to look for headline inspiration … and what to do when you find winners (page 71)
  • The often-overlooked reason prospects can’t register for your event … even if they really want to attend and their boss agrees (page 111)
  • The 2 best approaches for writing your content descriptions … and the 5-step process I use to copy so compelling that even my clients want to register for their own events! (page 54)
  • An easy-to-implement writing process that will make it faster and easier to write your copy (this is the exact process I use when writing) (page 47)
  • The easiest way to overturn objections you hear from prospective attendees (page 119)
  • The 2 types of benefits your promotions should include (hint: most promoters focus on only 1 type) (page 64)
  • How to make your seminar sound appealing to prospects who dislike traditional education (page 123)
  • How to squeeze more revenue out of your seminar promotions … even if you don’t sell more event seats (page 120)
  • 2 key pieces of information to ask for on your registration form to sniff out more qualified prospects … and generate registrations for your future events (page 110)

“Everyone knows that Jenny Hamby is an outstanding marketer. But what most people don’t know is that Jenny Hamby also writes copy … GREAT COPY. Jenny crafts spot-on emails, ads, web copy, and direct mail pitches that are clear and persuasive, get more attention, and sell more products and services … like no one else we’ve ever worked with. She’ll not only turn you around but also Jenny will improve your bottom line. I highly recommend Jenny for any business — small or large – that wants to increase their productivity and profitability. I feel so fortunate to have found Jenny Hamby.”

~ Tom Jackson, President, Graduate and Professional School Enrollment Management Corp.

Next, I’ll show you how to piece the various chunks of copy together to create the most common types of seminar promotions, including:

  • Sales letters for use online or in print
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Fliers
  • Emails
  • Press releases
  • And more…

To help you envision how these chunks should be positioned on the page, you’ll also receive templates of these popular marketing tools. Share them with your designer so that it’s crystal clear where all of your copy should go.

Finally, you’ll receive 25 marketing samples from actual campaigns I’ve worked on. Although you can’t use this copy verbatim … you CAN use it to further understand how these copy chunks work together to create a powerful promotion. And you can use it to guide your own copywriting efforts.

Sound like a lot of information? It is!

But that’s still not all…

Simplify Your Planning with These Worksheets, Checklists and Templates

You’ll also get a 60-page Seminar Promotion Action Guide that contains the worksheets, templates and checklists you need to simplify your event planning and promotion.


  • Your audience
  • What your prospects are looking for
  • Your competitors
  • The mix of media you’ll use to promote your seminar
  • The mailing lists you want to use
  • When you’ll employ each marketing tool
  • Your deadlines for getting your marketing pieces done on time

These worksheets will help you:

  • Keep track of where each promotional piece is in the production process
  • Plan a workable marketing budget
  • Track your overall event expenses
  • Calculate the value of each mailing list you use
  • Ensure that you’ve incorporated all critical elements into your various marketing pieces

When you order today, you’ll receive a printed version of the guide to capture your notes and ideas as you work through this home-study program.

And for your convenience, you’ll also get the action guide as a downloadable PDF file. That way, you can print these handy documents out every time you need to plan another event in the future.

Order now!

“Jenny, you are awesome. Your seminar book has paid for itself many times over. We used your template for email seminar marketing and have had over 60 bookings out of 1 email to a list of 400 and now we are having to book people into future seminars as this seminar is at capacity. (In fact we were only expecting 30 bookings) We expect to net over $100,000 at of this seminar in the speaking, training and consulting that comes out of it. Talk about a great ROI! You are the bomb!”

~ John Anderson, Marketing Manager, Vocal Intelligence, Melbourne, Australia

These 6 Bonus Gifts Are Yours FREE

I want to make sure that you suck every drop of insight and expert advice out of this manual. So I’m going to toss in 7 free bonus gifts as a thank you for ordering today.

cd_case_sml (1)

BONUS GIFT #1 – Introduction to Seminar Marketing (A $47 Value)

Marketing your own seminars and workshops can involve a lot of risk – and has probably raised many questions. During this practical audio program, you’ll receive answers to many of the top questions faced by new seminar promoters … as well as proven seminar market tips to help you avoid the costliest mistakes.

This 70-minute audio program (available via instant mp3 download) is designed for speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, authors, experts and seminar promoters who are interested in or are new to promoting their own live and virtual events for which you’re charging a fee.

BONUS GIFT #2 – How to Build Your Mailing List from Scratch (A $49 Value)

The quality of your mailing list can make or break the success of your seminar promotions. Use the wrong list, and it doesn’t matter how good your marketing materials are or how phenomenal your event will be – your marketing campaign will bomb. To boost your response rate and minimize your marketing costs, you need to cultivate email and mailing lists of prospects and customers who have opted in to receive your information.

This 50+ page manual walks you step-by-step through the process of building a mailing list of qualified prospects who are interested in your seminars and information products.

BONUS GIFT #3 – The Post-Registration Marketing Kit: Ready-to-Use Templates to Effortlessly Reduce Last-Minute Cancellations and No-Shows
(A $97 Value)

Most seminar promoters think that their marketing job is done once someone has signed up for the event. But that’s like running in a marathon and walking the last 100 yards. If you want to maximize the number of people who show up for your event, you have to keep marketing after the sale.

This marketing kit makes the job easy. Use these fill-in-the-blank templates to continue communicating with your registrants … keeping them excited about their decision to invest in your event.

BONUS GIFT #4 – Successful Seminar Marketing: Insider Tips, Tactics and Strategies from the Seminar Marketing Pro (A $79 Value)

Listen in as Guerrilla Marketing Coach President Mitch Meyerson grills me for 2 1/2 hours about my favorite topic – how to market seminars and workshops. (A $79 Value)

BONUS GIFT #5 – The 29 Key Elements of Registration-Producing Two-Page Sales Websites (A $19 Value)

One-page sales letters are all the rage when marketing events online. And for good reason – they consistently outperform other forms of online marketing, such as posting a PDF of your seminar brochure on your website or recycling the short descriptions of your seminars from your course catalog. This handy report outlines the critical elements your sales letter must contain to generate interest – and registrations.

BONUS #6 – A certificate for one in-depth critique of your seminar marketing materials (A $650 Value)

Study the lessons in the manual … apply them to your next round of promotional materials … and then send your marketing pieces to me for critique. I’ll pick through them with a fine-tooth comb … and then provide written suggestions for tuning up your copy.

“I have to make a confession. When I got on our call for your critique of my marketing materials, I expected you to spend our time selling me on your consulting services. I signed up anyway, thinking that I might be able to pick up a few tips for pitching services. Was I surprised when you delivered what you promised – a detailed, customized critique of my marketing materials. I have 3 pages of notes from our call – dozens of very specific suggestions that pointed to exactly what I’m doing in my marketing. I’m promoting 8 seminars this year, and I’m confident that I’m going to see increased registrations based on your ideas. This time was very well spent.”

~ Jeremiah Desmarais, Vice President, Marketing, Novax University

Order Your Copy Today

“But Will It Help With MY Event?”

The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System was designed for speakers, consultants, coaches, authors and information marketers who hold their own seminars and workshops to:

  • Generate revenue
  • Educate potential clients
  • Provide a forum in which to sell products and services from the platform
  • Better present their on-site/in-house seminars and workshops to corporate clients

You’ll also benefit from this program if you use free seminars, teleseminars and webinars to generate leads and introduce prospective clients to your company, products and services … such as:

  • Financial planners
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real estate investors
  • Attorneys
  • Chiropractors

The difference between these events and longer, for-fee seminars and workshops is that free and virtual events are typically easier to promote. You can successfully promote your event in a shorter time period … and you usually don’t have to work as hard with your copy.

So let me ask …

Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve booked a meeting room and picked a date for your seminar and booked a hotel room … but you have absolutely no idea about where to go from here.
  • You’ve hosted your own seminars before and gotten rave reviews from the few people who attend … but struggle to articulate your seminar’s value in a way that attracts registrants by droves.
  • You’re promoting your events and covering your costs … but having a hard time making your events as profitable as you’d like.
  • You do a decent job of generating registrations … but are getting frustrated by a high level of last-minute cancellations and no-shows.
  • You usually toss your event marketing campaign together at the last minute … and are ready to build a system.
  • You know that there is untapped potential in your events … but can’t figure out what to do or say to make the massive shift you know is possible.

If you said “yes” to one or more of these questions … The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System is right for you. Order your copy now.

An Investment That Will Pay Off Your Entire Seminar Career

So what is it worth for you to learn the dozens of secrets shared in The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System … the very same secrets that have netted my clients response rates of 10 to 84 percent … and 800+ percent returns on their marketing investments?

It might be easier to answer this question once you calculate your seminar promotion costs.

Hiring a designer to create and host a web site for you could easily cost $1,500.

Renting a mailing list costs, on average, a minimum of $500, even more if you’re securing a highly qualified response list.

Postage for even a simple, 1,000-piece postcard campaign will cost you over $200. And that’s not even counting the costs you’ll incur by hiring a graphic designer … printing your marketing pieces … or getting a mailing house to process your mailing.

You could easily spend $2,000 or $3,000 without blinking. Many seminar promoters spend more – particularly if you hire a professional copywriter to create your materials.

And that’s without considering the value of your time.

If you get an adequate number of registrations … that $3,000+ will seem like a smart investment. But if your marketing campaign bombs, you’ve just wasted a lot of money.

It’s fair to say that it’s worth $3,000 to you if The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System helps you avoid even one campaign-killing mistake … or, on the flip side, if you pick up a single response-boosting idea.

“I’ve just posted a review of the seminar marketing programme. It’s brilliant stuff. it’s really how to material, and the good thing is that it can be implemented in small segments. We saved $419 for a client based on a 10-second segment on printing. …I’ve really enjoyed it, and based on the CDs and the books, I’ve made lots of my customised notes for implementation.”

~ Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan

But that’s not what you’ll be investing to get access to this program.

I want to make this program affordable to every marketer who is serious about discovering the secrets to creating a successful marketing plan and  materials that will fill their seminars and workshops.

After all, if you’re like most other seminar marketers, you’re going be sinking a lot of cash into your promotional efforts. I’d like to help you make the most of your efforts and generate the biggest return you can by helping you produce the best possible marketing materials and steer clear of the campaign-killing mistakes.

So I’m holding the price to only $497 (plus S&H).

If you’re offering a $250 seminar, you’d only need to pick up TWO additional registrations to recoup your modest investment in this course. Reserve your copy now.

I’ll Even Help Finance Your Investment

I know the economy has not been kind to many entrepreneurs, particularly in the training industry.

So if it’s easier on your budget and cash flow to pay in installments, take advantage of my convenient 4-pay option. Pay your first installment (plus S&H) today … and your remaining installments will be automatically billed to your credit card every 30 days starting a month from today.

And to give you total peace of mind, I’m going to make your investment risk free.


If you agree that’s fair, reserve your copy now.

Obviously, I can’t guarantee the type of results you’ll achieve with this program.

If you think about it logically, there’s no way I could. I don’t know enough about you, your audience, or your seminar. And I have no idea how well you’ll be able to implement the lessons that I teach in The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System.

But what I can tell you is this: The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System will help you create more effective and powerful seminar marketing materials. Just like it will help you steer clear of the most critical mistakes that cause many seminar marketing campaigns to bomb.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what other speakers, consultants, coaches and authors say about my training programs … including my original home-study course, How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops.

Rave Reviews From Other Seminar Leaders and Promoters

“Jenny, I just finished tearing through your seminar marketing course, and WOW was it great.  Not only was it well-designed, concise, and informative, but there were some key benefits I was NOT very familiar with.

“For instance, I thought your content on “post-registration” marketing was very important.  Most people think once the sale’s over, then your job is done.  As you know, nothing can be further from the truth.

“Also, even though I am an experienced marketer, the subject covered on pages 12 and 19, in your Bonus, “How To Build Your Mailing List From Scratch” your tips were DEAD ON, and in fact, represented the lion’s share of sales I made for my recent Maverick Marketers Mastermind Meeting.

“And lastly, your 29-Step Checklist is something I will definitely look at BEFORE I take my next website ‘live.’ Thanks for all your great suggestions!”

~ Craig Garber, KingofCopy.com

“Jenny Hamby is the “guru” of seminar marketing.  She has been there and done it.  I highly recommend her course, own my own copy of this excellent resource, and have used many of her ideas to help my clients created powerful promotional materials.”

~ David Frey, President, Marketing Best Practices Inc., www.MarketingBestPractices.com.

“Planning a seminar involves a LOT of stuff: Marketing strategies, writing ad copy, logistics, promotions via direct mail, email and websites; the list goes on and on.  This is the first book I’ve seen that pulls ALL of this together into a coherent single plan, with a focus on true Guerilla Marketing.  

“Jenny’s formula for seminar marketing is in this book, and I wouldn’t want to do that job without it. She knows this game inside and out, and even the simplest of her  recommendations will pay for the cost of her toolkit many times over.”

~ Perry Marshall, Author of “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords,” www.PerryMarshall.com

“Jenny Hamby knows how to promote seminars! Her direct-response copy and multi-channel marketing have generated average response rates of 10% for IWOC’s seminars, adding several thousand much-needed dollars to our coffers. She has been invaluable in promoting IWOC events. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Harry Karabel, Vice President, Independent Writers of Chicago, Chicago, IL

“Jenny Hamby’s How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops home-study program gave me the focus I needed to promote my technology seminars. Jenny explains in an easy, how-to language, the steps to take to create a successful seminar marketing promotion. Whatever you do, do not forget to utilize Jenny’s personal marketing campaign evaluation, included free with her workbook. Her evaluation of my most recent seminar marketing campaign, received just days after I submitted my certificate, contained detailed feedback and suggestions that I immediately incorporated into my campaign. Thank you, Jenny!”

~ Patric Welch, President, Noobie, Inc., www.NoobieInc.com

“Should be mandatory reading for anyone who is thinking about doing their own seminars … you certainly have contributed to my success.”

~ Mike Fink, Trainer and Speaker, Magician Within, Los Gatos, CA

“This seminar package is second to none. … It’s definitely helped put people in our seminars. … Get this book. You’ll be delighted you did. More importantly, you’ll make money.”

~ Michael Krisa, Business Development Manager, Broker Agent News

“[How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops] has been very helpful tool for me. It’s saved me a lot of time and a lot of money in getting my marketing campaign up and running.”

~ Tony Piazza, Sound Mind Training, Austin, Texas

“How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops by Jenny Hamby is a must-have for any seminar marketer. This brilliant guide takes you step by step from planning to making the sale. Jenny’s superb copywriting skills are evident in every page of this book. and I particularly like the user-friendly layout that allows you to make important notes on every single page. It’s really a quick read, but it’s a lifetime resource. I highly recommend it.”

~ Mitch Meyerson, President, Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Author of Online Marketing Superstars

“I am so glad that I met you and had the opportunity to read your book How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops. You did an awesome job of covering every single detail, I couldn’t imagine trying to plan and conduct seminars without knowing what you offer in this book. I honestly believe it will make the difference of making money and losing money. Thanks a million.”

~ Tony Zito, Successful Agents Online

“Jenny Hamby’s How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops: A Practical Guide for Creating Effective Seminar Marketing Plans and Powerful Promotional Materials is a valuable resource for anyone responsible for the success of their training program.  The manual is packed full of suggestions for ensuring maximum attendance at the best price.  I have used Jenny’s tips on flyer layout, contacting prospects, and follow-up in our program which have helped us to increase attendance as well as the number of returnees.  By following Jenny’s guide for qualifying prospects, I am reaching our target market.  I highly recommend Jenny’s guide to all seminar marketers.”

~ Judith Christ, Education Programming Coordinator,
Bucknell University Small Business Development Center, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

“It’s 2:00 a.m., and I can’t put you materials down. You are an angel. Thanks for making this available to me.”

~ Tony Williams, CEO of United Landlords Association, a landlords education and resource company

“Incredibly detailed and filled with actionable ideas, How to Market Seminars and Workshops outlines how to attract attendees at a time of increased workloads and slashed budgets. You’ll learn how to make your seminar irresistible to both employees and self-employed professionals.”

~ Roger C. Parker, The 32 Million Dollar Man,
author of 28 books,

“This is the most complete step-by-step guide to selling seminar seats that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read them all. I love the tell-it-like-it-is nothing-but-the-red-meat style. If you don’t have this stuff, you’re not doing all you can to sell your seminars. Any presenter who doesn’t buy it is making a $100,000 mistake. And if you don’t find a tip that you’re not yet using, you must not be awake. Thanks, Jenny!”

~ Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA, Office Magic

“From the first time producer to the expert, this resource is a must have for anyone serious about marketing public seminars.”

~ Carole Copeland Thomas
Speaker, Trainer, Radio Host, Public Seminar Leader
C. Thomas & Associates

“Using Jenny’s book has helped me better grasp the business of seminar marketing.  I was able to use the instructions outlined in her book to create a fantastic marketing brochure that has been well received. Anyone using seminars and workshops to promote their business must grab Jenny’s book and consume every piece of valuable information.  It’s a must have!”

~ Craig Haskell

“I purchased your book a year or so ago and continue to use that as a reference as well.  An excellent reference for seminars, but also a great source for marketing ideas in general.”

~ Mark Bishop

“As a seminar speaker and promoter, I have to look at the most complete desk reference guide available. Jenny has created the most comprehensive system available. It is fail safe for the new promoter and the seasoned professional. I will always keep it handy.”

~ Mitch Carson
Speaker, Author, Seminar Promoter

“I want something clean and concise and easy…[How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops] made everything very easy to plan for a seminar.… My first seminar is 80% full already, and I figure it will be full in another day or two…the price I’m charging for the seminar is probably 30-40% more than I had originally planned. But after reading the book, I decided to go ahead and go [for a higher tuition].”

~ David Geller, Jeweler Profit, Atlanta, GA

For More Seminar Registrations and Bigger Profits, Order Today

So now it’s decision time. Think about how much you’re going to be spending in the coming year to market your seminars – money that you could end up losing if your seminar marketing materials aren’t as persuasive as they could – and should – be.

And then think about how much more money you could rake in … and how many more people you could reach … if you were able to improve your response rate by a percent … maybe even more.

Doesn’t it make sense to do whatever you can to generate better marketing results … including learning the time-tested process and secrets of a seminar marketing pro? That’s what you get when you order The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System.

Now, if you’re the type of person who buys information products and then lets them sit around collecting dust, do us both a favor: don’t buy now. Instead, wait until you’re ready to carve out a few hours to absorb the material … and then start crafting your own marketing materials.

But if you’re marketing a seminar or workshop, and you’re dead-serious about …

producing more registrations with more effective marketing tools, click here to order now.

practically eliminating cancellations and requests for refunds, click here to order now.

generating greater profits from your seminars and workshops WITHOUT spending a fortune on marketing, click here to order now.

Remember, your satisfaction with The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System is guaranteed … or your money back. There’s absolutely no way you can lose by ordering now … and countless ways you could profit.

To your success,


Jenny Hamby, Creator
The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work for free seminars?

A: Yes. Although The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System – Basic Edition was created with for-fee events in mind, the strategies will work for free seminars. If anything, you won’t need to use as many of the strategies, because it tends to be easier to generate registrations for free events.

Because I’ve answered your question, click here to order now!

Q: Does this work for teleseminars and webinars?

A: Yes. Events are events, in my book, which means the strategies work equally well for virtual events as in-person events. The biggest difference? You’ll probably find it’s easier to generate registrations for your teleseminars and webinars, because virtual events require less of a commitment than a for-fee, in-person event.

Because I’ve answered your question, click here to order now!

Q: I have your original How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops product. How is this different?

A: There are 3 key distinctions between The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System – Basic Edition and the original How to Successfully Market Seminars and Workshops.

  1. The content has been completely reorganized and expanded so that it more logical and easier to locate the answers you need. The new course includes two manuals: One that focuses on strategy, and one that focuses solely on copywriting.
  2. The content has been updated. The strategies outlined in the original program are still valid. Some sections have been expanded and others have been added. For example, the new course talks about how to incorporate social media and blogging into your seminar marketing mix.
  3. You’ll get more worksheets, checklists, templates and samples. The strategy manual includes its own action guide, while the copywriting manual includes pages of templates and samples.

Because I’ve answered your question, click here to order now!


Q: I own your copywriting manual called How to Write Killer Copy? Is this different?

A: I changed the title of the copywriting manual because, as anyone who knows me could tell you, “killer” isn’t my nature. 🙂 Other than that, the content is the same. If you do not wish to order another copywriting manual, click here for a private order form where you can order only the components of The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System – Basic Edition that you do not already own.

Q: I’m an experienced seminar promoter. Will I learn anything in this course?

A: Some people are grumpy if they aren’t dazzled with new information on every page. Others are delighted if they’re reminded of things they know but had forgotten, if they pick up a few new ideas, and/or if they’re inspired to think about their operations in a new way. Only you know which type of individual you are.

The only way you’ll know for sure if The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System – Basic Edition is the right product for you is to give it a try. Order your copy today, and take the next 60 days to review it. If you don’t think it was worth your modest investment – which you’ll most likely recoup by filling only a handful of seats – return the undamaged product for a full refund. Or give me a call at 815-254-4939 and I’d be happy to spend a few minutes with you to explore whether it’s right for you or not.

Because I’ve answered your question, click here to order now!

“I have been reading your newsletters with great pleasure and interest for a couple of months now. Having worked in the past with the late, great Howard Shenson and Dottie Walters I think I know a good thing when I see it and in your advice I consistently see the best available.”

~ Professor Tom Lambert FRSA, SoA
Chairman and Founder, ICfCE
Chairman Global Economic Development Alliance
Global Chairman – DSA (Singapore)
Advisory Board – Global Business Partnership Alliance
Advisory Board; EBBS International Business School
Professor, Management – Rushmore University

Priority Order Form

Yes, Jenny! I want to learn how to market my seminars and workshops. Please give me instant access to the digital version of The Ultimate Seminar Marketing System – Basic Edition. I understand that my investment includes:

  1. How to Market Seminars and Workshops: A Practical Guide for Creating Effective Seminar Marketing Plans
  2. The Seminar Promotion Action Guide: Templates, Worksheets and Checklists to Simply Your Event Planning and Promotion
  3. How to Write Effective Seminar Marketing Materials: Copywriting Strategies for Seminar Leaders and Promoters

Plus, I’ll also receive these bonus gifts:

    1. Introduction to Seminar Marketing for New Promoters
    2. How to Build Your Mailing List from Scratch
    3. The Post-Registration Marketing Kit: Ready-to-Use Templates to Effortlessly Reduce Last-Minute Cancellations and No-Shows
    4. The 29 Key Elements of Registration-Producing Two-Page Sales Websites
    5. Successful Seminar Marketing: Insider Tips, Tactics and Strategies from the Seminar Marketing Pro
    6. A certificate for one in-depth critique of my seminar marketing materials

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